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Vishnu Pad

Gaya (Bihar) Lord Vishnu's footprint in the Vishnupad temple is on the stone of Lord Rama's wife Mata Dharmavatta. To restore the demon Gasur, Dharmapuri was brought to Mata Dharmavatta Shila, which kept Lord Vishnu on Gyaasur with his right foot. After this, there is God's footprint on the rock. Explain that Vishnupad is the only place in the world, where Lord Vishnu can see the phase of Vishnu. The restoration was done in the 18th century.
Here, with the touch of the feet, man becomes free from all sins. At the same time, this temple is made of stone-tight stone test, which was brought from the stone block of the Atri block of the district. The height of this temple is about hundred feet. There are 44 pealers in the meeting pavilion. Of the 54 altars, 19 of the altar is in Vishnupad, where there is a pindada for the liberation of the ancestors. There is a pindada throughout the years.


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