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Akshay Vat

If you will go with the words of localities then it is least important place but actually it carry same important because it have a very historic values which make Akshayavat precious. Due to the lack of care as well as dirt by the local people it become dirty and carry less importance now but let us give you the details of this place "Akshayavat".
“Akshayavat” name is arrived from two different name of Sanskrit language, Akshayavat; “Akshay” means which never dies and “Bata” is the name of tree. If you look into the Hindu Dharma religious book it is mentioned that Lord Ram’s wife Sita have blessed the tree "Bata" or in other word “Akshayavat” is got a boom by Sita that it never die.
According to “Ved-Puran”: Lord Krishna will stay under its shadow, when whole world will drown in to the water, but this tree will not die, Because of getting the boom by Sita. Those who “Pinddaan” here, there ancestor goes to Dev-lok (heaven). As we told you early this place is old and has many religious values but due to dirt in surrounding and in temple people don't prefer to go, In the new review the government is cleaning the place and it is little better now.


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